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If calling from off campus, dial 440-365-5222 or 800-995-5222, and then dial the extension when prompted.
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 NameEmail AddressExtensionDepartment
Aaron, Lisa laaron@lorainccc.edu 7018 Allied Health and Nursing
Abbott, Denise dabbott@lorainccc.edu 6024 Library/Learning Resources
Abraham, Iona iabraham@lorainccc.edu 7116 Arts and Humanities
Abt, Vincent vabt@lorainccc.edu 4021 Social Sci & Human Services
Abu-Ali, Ibrahim iabuali@lorainccc.edu 4057 ILSC
Abu-Saleh, Refaat rabusale@lorainccc.edu 4022 Science and Math
Accorti, Barry baccorti@lorainccc.edu 4021 Social Sci & Human Services
Acheson, Lynn lacheson@lorainccc.edu 8610 Arts and Humanities
Adams, Daniel dadams@lorainccc.edu 4013 Arts and Humanities
Adams, Kayleen kadams@lorainccc.edu 4005 Engineering Technologies
Adams, Peter padams@lorainccc.edu 0 Enterprise Development
Adams, Susan sadams@lorainccc.edu 4015 Allied Health and Nursing
Adams-Harris, Vonya vadamsharris@lorainccc.edu 8748 Allied Health and Nursing
Agayev, Nazim agayev@live.com 0 Academic Foundations
Ahmad, Mohammed mahmad@lorainccc.edu 4057 ILSC
Alaksa, Beverly balaksa@lorainccc.edu 4038 Children's Learning Center
Alarcon, Cristina calarcon@lorainccc.edu
Albrecht, Sally salbrech@lorainccc.edu 8400 Social Sci & Human Services
Albright, Robert ralbright@lorainccc.edu 4021 Social Sci & Human Services
Alexander, Henry halexand@lorainccc.edu 4017 Physical Plant Operations
Alford, Yolanda yalford@lorainccc.edu 7849 Spitzer Conference Center
Alfrey, Lorena lalfrey@lorainccc.edu 7826 Food Services
Algeri, Harvey halgeri@lorainccc.edu 8100 Engineering Technologies
Alghusain, Fady falghusa@lorainccc.edu 8998 Science and Math
Ali, Mohamed mali@lorainccc.edu 4030 Business Division
Allen, June jallen@lorainccc.edu 7160 Allied Health and Nursing
Allen, Leticia lallen@lorainccc.edu 7554 Facility Planning
Allen, Patrick pallen@lorainccc.edu 4057 ILSC
Allen, Yvette yallen@lorainccc.edu 4015 Allied Health and Nursing
Allyn, Melanie mallyn@lorainccc.edu 7594 Admission/Records/Registration
Althausen, Norman nalthaus@lorainccc.edu 8985 Science and Math
Altomare, Anthony aaltomar@lorainccc.edu 7777 Information Systems & Services
Alyward, Patrick
Ambrosia-Conn, Kristina kambrosiaconn@lorainccc.edu 4013 Arts and Humanities
Amerson, Jamesha jamerson@lorainccc.edu 4178 Allied Health and Nursing
Amick, Robert ramick@lorainccc.edu
Amick, Sherry samick@lorainccc.edu 7627 Enrollment Services
Amos, J damos@lorainccc.edu 4030 Business Division
Anand, Ramona ranand@lorainccc.edu 4930 Engineering Technologies
Anders, Molly manders@lorainccc.edu 8718 Allied Health and Nursing
Anderson, Eric eanderso@lorainccc.edu 8612 Arts and Humanities
Anderson, Kelton steelbiker@gmail.com
HomePage Icon Andersson, Tanetta tandersson@lorainccc.edu
Andres, Eugene eandres@lorainccc.edu 4030 Business Division
Andrews, Ellin eandrews@lorainccc.edu 8602 Arts and Humanities
Andrews, Ryan randrews@lorainccc.edu
Andrews, Sandra sandrews@lorainccc.edu 7520 Purchasing Office
Andrikanich, Meghan mandrika@lorainccc.edu 7272 Science and Math
Annable, Thomas tannable@lorainccc.edu 7015 Engineering Technologies
Ansari, Rais ransari@lorainccc.edu 8996 Science and Math
HomePage Icon Anthony, Clifford canthony@lorainccc.edu 7729 Arts and Humanities
Anzevino, Dana danzevino@lorainccc.edu
Aponte, Elsie eaponte@lorainccc.edu
Aponte, Samuel saponte@lorainccc.edu 4053 Campus Security
Archibald, Laurie larchiba@lorainccc.edu 4013 Arts and Humanities
Ardick, Lauren lardick@lorainccc.edu
Armstrong, Barbara barmstro@lorainccc.edu 7082 Information Systems & Services
Armstrong, Jessica jarmstrong@lorainccc.edu 4038 Children's Learning Center
Arnold, Benita barnold@lorainccc.edu 4030 Business Division
Arnold, Harrilyn hedmonds@lorainccc.edu
Arocho, Kathryn karocho@lorainccc.edu 4772 Science and Math
Arredondo, Cynthia carredon@lorainccc.edu 4196 Connections Center
Arredondo, David darredon@lorainccc.edu 4794 Arts and Humanities
Arriaga, Andrea aarriaga@lorainccc.edu
Artim, Sandy sartim56@hotmail.com 0 Instructional TV/Media Svcs
HomePage Icon Assily, Rania rassily@lorainccc.edu 8406 Social Sci & Human Services
Astley, Erin eastley@lorainccc.edu 4015 Allied Health and Nursing
Astorino, David dastorin@lorainccc.edu 7215 Engineering Technologies
Atkinson, Lawrence latkinso@lorainccc.edu 7050 Engineering Technologies
Atkinson, Lisa latkins1@lorainccc.edu
Atley, Mona matley@lorainccc.edu 4886 Public Services Institute
Attar, Santosh sattar@lorainccc.edu 4030 Business Division
Atterberry, Brittany batterbe@lorainccc.edu
Attkisson, Diann dattkisson@lorainccc.edu 8711 Allied Health and Nursing
Augustine, Lisa laugusti@lorainccc.edu 7352 Health, Phys Ed, Recreation
Avisar, Mordechai mavisar@lorainccc.edu 4022 Science and Math
Ayende, Jose jayende@lorainccc.edu 4164 Enrollment Services