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Last NameFirst NameDepartmentOffice LocationPhone Number
RadocyNatalieSchool and Community PartnershipsDEC 240(440)366-4367
RamseyMichelleSocial Sciences and Human Services DivisioniL111(440)366-4021
RamsierBrandyInformation Systems and ServicesAT 119(440) 366-4151
RawlinsonRichSocial Sciences and Human Services DivisionIL 111(440)366-4021
RedpathDeboraLibrary and eLearningLC 202(440) 366-4026
ReedLouiseHealth and Wellness Sciences DivisionHS223A7158
ReedSophiaHealth and Wellness Sciences DivisionHS2237188
ReevesTimothyEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionBU 211(440) 366-4030
ReidSpencerEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionBU 211(440) 366-4030
RenfrowKaramyArts and Humanities Division  
ResarKathleenHealth and Wellness Sciences DivisionPE 104(440) 365-5222 x8315
ReyesFreddy Science and Mathematics Division 440-365-5222 x 8998
ReynoldsCraigStocker Humanities and Fine Arts CenterSP108G(440) 366-7825
RhubartKatherineEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionBU211(440) 366-4030
RickeyPaulEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionAT 1164005
RiedelCarolynInformation Systems and ServicesAT 119(440) 366-7327
RigoAnthonyEarly College High SchoolPS 1067689
RileyMary BethLibrary and eLearningLC 202(440) 366-4026
RiosSylviaBusiness Growth ServicesDEC4251
RitenauerChaseSocial Sciences and Human Services DivisioniL111(440)366-7234
RiveraCarlosPurchasing/Facility Planning OfficeMS 1047496
RiveraGregoryArts and Humanities DivisionSC 236(440) 366-7132
RiveraLuzeLearning@LCCCLC 227(440) 366-7109
RobyPaulEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionBU 211(440) 366-4030
RockAprilArts and Humanities DivisionSC187440-366-7140
RodgersChristopherCampus SecurityLC 106(440)366-4053
RodriguezJasonEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionJVSO 
RohalChristopherEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionAT 129(440) 366-4146
RohrDerekArts and Humanities DivisionSC 2384013
Roldan RiosSylviaBusiness Growth ServicesDEC 1664251
RolonJoviCampus SecurityLC 1064053
RomanCourtneyLibrary and eLearningLC228(440) 366-7294
RoseDanielArts and Humanities DivisionSC 238 
RosenauShirleyArts and Humanities DivisionSC 2384932
RoundtreeNakiaSchool and Community PartnershipsLC 1384154
RouseLauraArts and Humanities DivisionSC 2384932
RozmarynowyczCatherineArts and Humanities DivisionSC 2384013
RozmarynowyczMargaretInformation Systems and ServicesAT 124(440) 366-7063
RuschauDavidScience and Mathematics Division (440) 365-5222 x8952
RuthAdamHealth and Wellness Sciences DivisionPE1044028
RyanDennisArts and Humanities DivisionAT 116K, PC108(440) 366-7100
RyanMollyInformation Systems and ServicesAT 119(440) 366-4664