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Last NameFirst NameDepartmentOffice LocationPhone Number
ZagarPetraHealth and Wellness Sciences DivisionHS210H7172
ZeagerJeffreyScience and Mathematics DivisionPS 207B(440) 366-7269
ZelesnikKellyEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionAT 116A(440) 366-7028
ZelinkaCourtneyEnrollment, Financial and Career ServicesLC 177D7703
ZellersMichaelEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionBU 211J(440) 366-4796
ZiegmanMary EllenScience and Mathematics DivisionPS 207A(440) 366-7254
ZilkaJessicaPayroll OfficeCC2097566
ZitekRonaldEngineering, Business and Information Technologies DivisionAT 116J(440) 366-7024